The GEO5 Stratigraphy program is designed to process results from site investigation (boreholes, wells, CPTs, DPTs, SPTs, DMTs ...), generate 2D or 3D geological models, and export cross sections and geological profiles into other GEO5 programs. 
Available extension modules: the Logs module for geological data reporting from site investigation, the Cross Sections module for creation of geological cross sections, and the Earthworks module for modeling of earthworks and calculation of earthwork volumes. 
Licence price from £609 
Available in packages: 
2D Cross Sections 
Field Tests Properties 
3D Geological Model 
Main Advantages: 
Customizable report structure 
Report header personalization 
Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis 
Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings 
Main Features 
Assessment of site investigation results – boreholes, wells and field tests: 
CPT - Cone penetration test 
DPT - Dynamic penetration test 
SPT - Standard penetration test 
DMT - Dilatometer test 
PMT - Pressuremeter test 
Import of geological maps and site investigation data 
Interpretation of field tests into geological profiles 
Creation of 3D and 2D subsoil models from soil profiles 
Generation of very complex geological models (horizontal or inclined layers, faults, erosion, lenses, landslides) 
Optimization supporting very large models 
Input of GPS coordinates with a direct connection to Google Maps 
Import of field test formats including AGS, TXT, UNI, CPT, GEF… and more 
Export to both IFC and LandXML BIM formats 
Export to selected GEO5 programs and CAD programs 
Professional site investigation reports with the Stratigraphy - Logs module 
Creation of geological fences in the Stratigraphy - Cross Sections module 
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