Stability Analysis 

GEO5 contains several programs for analyses of soil and rock slopes, dams, newly built embankments, and check of retaining walls global stability. 
The basic program for stability analysis is Slope Stability. It enables design and analysis of slope stability with circular or polygonal surface and automatic optimisation of slip surface. It cooperates with all programs for analysis of Excavation Designs and Retaining Wall Designs. It enables creation of anchors, georeinforcements, surcharge and earthquake effects modeling. 
The program for nailed slope analysis (passive nails with shotcrete face or steel mesh) is called Nailed Slope
The Rock Stability program is designated for analysis of rock slope stability for a specified type of failure, including a planar or polygonal slip surface or rock wedge. 
The Anti-Slide Pile program is used for design of pile walls stabilizing slope movement or increasing safety factor of the slope. 
All stability problems can also be solved by finite element method (fi,c reduction method) in the FEM program
The ground water table can be calculated in the FEM – Water Flow program, and then passed into Slope Stability or FEM programs for stability analysis. 
Earth Pressures allows to verify the earth pressure load on a general structure. 
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