This program is used for analysis of vertical bearing capacity of a single pile loaded both in tension or compression, pile settlement as well as horizontal bearing capacity of a single pile. 
For verification the vertical bearing capacity and settlement of piles, based on the results provided by (static) cone penetration tests (CPT) and standard penetration tests (SPT), use Pile CPT. 
Licence price from £565 
Available in packages: 
Vertical bearing capacity verification 
Load-settlement curve 
Horizontal bearing capacity verification 
Main Advantages: 
Customizable report structure 
Report header personalization 
Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis 
Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings 
Main Features 
Vertical bearing capacity analysis 
Tomlinson’s method 
Method of effective stresses 
CSN 73 1002 
Settlement analysis 
Linear load-settlement curve (Poulos) 
Nonlinear load-settlement curve (Masopust) 
Computation of load-settlement curve by the Finite Element Method (spring method) considering deformational characteristics of the soil 
EN 1997 – option to choose partial factors based on National Annexes 
EN 1997 – option to choose all design approaches, consider design situations 
EN 1997 – accounting for the influence of pile technology 
Consideration of influence of pile technology (bored, driven, CFA piles) 
Various shapes of pile cross-section (rectangle, I - cross-section, cross, tube) 
Possibility of changing circular pile diameter with depth 
Determination of the modulus of subsoil reaction along the pile length according to Vesic, Matlock and Reese, CSN or input by user (constant or linear distribution) 
Analysis of horizontal bearing capacity (Broms method, p-y method) 
Output of results for load cases 
Negative skin friction 
Shear bearing capacity of RC cross-section 
Design of reinforced concrete cross-sections according to EN 1992-1 (EC 2), BS, PN, IS, AS, ACI, GB, SNiP, CSN 
Verification of steel pile cross section 
Verification of timber pile cross section 
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