Pile CPT 

This program verifies the vertical bearing capacity and settlement of piles, based on the results provided by (static) cone penetration tests (CPT) and standard penetration tests (SPT). 
Licence price from £565 
Available in packages: 
Earthwork Modelling 
Volumes Calculation 
Transfer of data to the other programs 
Main Advantages: 
Customizable report structure 
Report header personalization 
Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis 
Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings 
Main Features 
Analysis of the pile bearing capacity according to CPTs using the following standards and methods: 
EN 1997-2 
NEN 6743 
LCPC (Bustamante) 
Analysis of the pile bearing capacity according to SPTs using the following methods: 
Circular or rectangular pile cross-section (with the option of base enlargement) 
Takes account of pile and installation technology 
Load due to normal force and surcharge 
Built-in database of soils 
General layered subsoil 
Import CPT and SPT tests in TXT format, gINT format, AGS format or NEN standard 
Verification based on the theory of limit states or factor of safety 
Calculation of the limit load curve and pile settlement for a given loading 
Analysis of the pile group according to the CPTs 
Accounts for negative skin friction 
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