This program provides the analysis of foundation beams resting on elastic foundation (subsoil). 
Licence price from £452 
Available in packages: 
Entering the geometry 
Load case 
Internal forces 
Main Advantages: 
Customizable report structure 
Report header personalization 
Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis 
Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings 
Main Features 
Winkler-Pasternak model of subsoil (parameters of subsoil C1, C2) 
Automatic calculation of constants C1 and C2 exploiting the deformation characteristics of layered soils 
General layered subsoil 
Simple input of layer geometry 
Built-in database of soils and rocks 
Automatic generator of load combinations according to EN 1990 (EC 0) 
Load types include force, moment, strip and trapezoidal loads and deformation loads 
Arbitrary number of load cases and combinations 
BIM-compatible export via the IFC interface 
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